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One picture.One story.One message

EDtimestories.com is all about learning Emergency Medicine through an ancient art of story telling. So if you love pictures, stories and Emergency medicine, you have come to the right place. A special thanks to my 4 year old daughter who pushes my imagination beyond limits. She loves to be told two new tales every night with all new characters!!! PS: Crocodiles cannot be used

On every full moon, I will tell a story.  The type of stories will be “Story of a picture”, A long case “inspire me” or a picture demonstrating the right and not so right way of doing things  “naughty.bad.superb”. Sign up for email to get notified of a new post.


About Me

About me

Dr Saad Jawaid MBBS,MCEM
ST4 Registrar A&E
Leicester Royal Infirmary
United Kingdom

I am a senior trainee in Emergency Medicine at Leicester Royal Infimary. My last decade at a glance…

2006 Graduated.MBBS

2007 Internship

2008 Anaesthesia.Pakistan

2009-12 A&E.Anaesthesia.ITU.Saudi Arabia

2012.2014 Paeds ED.Adult ED.MCEM

2014.2015 Fellowship in EM education.ST4 A&E

I suffer from storytellinopathy and this blog is the cure. If you like the posts, then please share and comment. This is vital for the story to have a happy ending…



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  1. I think that your #GOSAFE infographic could be applicable to the Operating Room. May I have permission to adapt it for our perioperative education?

    Thank you, Teresa

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